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Packed into all sizes and shapes galore.

But each Themadone rider knows the score.

Each feels that life is to love and live,

Each rides with a vengeance, all he can give.

Each biker selected to wear the colors,

Counts each Themadone as one of his brothers.

These are friends, but much more besides,

Each is committed to the brother that rides.

Rights and loving, all a part of the story

As Themadones on scooters ride to the glory.

Each feels the wind and the sun and the rain,

Cycles throbbing two by two, down the lane

Each lives his life, the best that he can,

And good or bad, each is truly a man.

As long as there is breath in life's hectic hike,

A Themadone travels with gusto,

he and his bike.

Other clubs, of course there are some,

But Themadones are best when all is done,

To wear their colors takes more than a desire,

Bread or new scoots alone don't buy that attire.

To be a Themadone a man must have soul,

And it's that bikers soul, that makes him whole.

So if you wear those colors, count it well done,

For only a few can claim the title of


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