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In Memory...Brotherhood

Being a Brother means more than a name It's not for convenience, it's not a kid’s game It's something special, will never have doubt

We will remain Brothers, through in and through out We're here for each other, without questioning the need When one of us is cut, all of us bleed

It's given to you and it's given to me Brotherhood is not easy, and it doesn't come free Respect, loyalty is always sincere

When given to a Brother, without any fear Our families come first, our work is a must In our Brother's absence, we will always have trust

That our Brother is safe and soon he will be Right where he belongs, along side of me We'll give all we got, and expect just the same

After all this, I hope you can see To be a Brother, is an honor to me

We'll always be loyal and never give blame We'll never forget our Brothers up above

They'll always be Brothers, Brothers we love

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